Slodkie czary 7










Maybe Duke


? (Vanilla's familiar)

First Appearance:

Chocolat,Hearts,and the Shooting Star

Voiced by:

Chisa Yokoyama

Blanca is a magical mouse and the familiar of Vanilla. In the story she helps Vanilla win at first. She enjoys teasing Chocolat, Duke, and almost anyone who annoys her.She also likes tea parties with her mice friends. Chocolat has a habit of calling her "Rat". Even though she has a very bitter relationship with Chocolat, there are times when she can show her soft side towards the girl. She is a tsundere, especially to Duke and Chocolat. In the manga, she ran a salon in the Magical World, but was turned into a familiar when she fell in love with a human and lost her heart. She is turned back into her original form with the power of Pierre's (now white) heart. Her real name in English is Libbie/Libby and Blanca is Spanish for white (feminine form of blanco).

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